Klaas Westra Transport is based in Dokkum

Klaas Westra Transport is based in Dokkum (Netherlands) and uses several Scanias that have been supplied by Kleyn. One of the four trucks was delivered to the Frisian company a couple of years ago; the other three Scanias were purchased relatively recently. Tjip Westra: “We found a truck that perfectly met our needs at trucks.nl. The following Saturday we went directly to Kleyn, where we bought this truck from Rens. That was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And in these uncertain times, we preferred to buy a used truck. We got along so well with Rens, and Kleyn had such a wide range of trucks, that going back to Kleyn was the natural thing to do”. Westra deploys a one-brand strategy. With Scania, you know exactly what you can expect, and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Some trucks are purchased from a dealer, while others are relatively recent second-hand trucks. The trucks last a long time because Westra performs maintenance in-house and takes good care of the equipment.

If Tjip could advise people who are looking to buy a used truck, he would tell them to focus on one brand, where they know all the potential weaknesses. Tjip: “You must also make sure that the truck is suitable for the work that you will be carrying out. And it’s also convenient if you are handy yourself.” For instance, the trucks purchased from Kleyn were actually modified in-house for their new task. This varied from replacing wear parts to renewing and relocating tanks and spoiler sets. And to finish things off, the trucks were sprayed in keeping with the house style of Klaas Westra. Tjip: “Within three weeks of purchase, the trucks had been modified and sprayed in our colours, which is another major advantage of used trucks.”

In the early ’60s, grandfather Tjip Westra founded his transport company in Nes (Dongeradeel). In 1988, Klaas Westra, Tjip's son, decided to follow his own path and had premises built in Dokkum, where the company slowly continued to expand. Now in 2022, Klaas runs the company together with his sons Tjip and Siemon. The company primarily transports steel products. The fleet of Klaas Westra Transport includes around 20 tractor units.