Sky Logistics

Sky Logistics is a company based in Egypt. They have expanded their fleet of more than 100 trucks, various mobile cranes and light commercial vehicles with a number of new tri-axle trucks from Kleyn Trucks. These trucks were delivered in 6x2 and 6x4 configurations.

Ahmed Fathy: "We started buying trucks from Kleyn after they were recommended to us by another company. We keep buying from Kleyn because they are a reliable and very professional company. In our industry, we can definitely recommend Kleyn."

Sky Logistics has grouped all upstream services for projects in the oil, gas and natural resources sector. Sky Logistics is considered one of the leading logistics service providers in Egypt and prides itself on its skilled staff. The company aims to boost the regional economy by continuing to recruit and reward qualified staff. The company's goal is to become the leading drilling and extraction partner for the oil, gas and natural resources industry by helping their customers utilise underutilised assets. Sky Logistics also provides loading and unloading services at its main locations in two Egyptian ports.