Transport bulk loads? Tipper trailers for sale!

Tipper trailers for sale, also known as dump trucks, are very interesting for drivers or entrepreneurs who have to transport a lot.

Tipper trailers are interesting if you want to transport bulk loads, such as sand, asphalt or demolition waste. Additionally, these trailers offer you with the longest lifespan you can ever think of! 

Tipper trailers for sale at Kleyn Trucks

Kleyn Trucks has a large assortment tipper trailers. Tipper trailers are generally used to transport bulk loads. Due to different work demands the choice of work equipment becomes very useful and important. As a driver or entrepreneur you want to invest as little as possible while at the same time get the best quality for your purchase. Tipper trailers have many designs and specifications to suit your needs and help you to engage in safe operations.

Different types

There are different types of tipper trailers. For example the semi tipper trailers which are also for sale on the Kleyn Trucks website. The maximum load of this semi tipper trailer can be up to 90 tons. A thicker plate means that the trailer has a higher loading capacity. There are also truck and end tipper trailers for sale.  There is a great demand for tipper trailers in South Africa. They use the tipper trailers for mining or to transport bulk loads. The tipper trailers are perfect to use on rough areas. Whether it´s sand or other waste materials, the tipper trailers are the type of trailer you want for your job. Take a look at the Kleyn Trucks website to check the availability and prices of the tipper trailers.

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