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More than ninety years of experience and a high proportion of repeat customers are clear indicators of our professionalism. For example, as soon as a vehicle comes into stock, we subject it to an inspection under the supervision of TÜV. We make the test report available to our customers in unedited form and without reserve. You therefore know exactly what you are buying. We call this ‘accredited quality’. Furthermore, we treat all complaints seriously. If serious unreported faults are discovered, we will refund all or part of the repair costs.Vehicles on consignment are independently certified by Bureau Veritas.

Kleyn Trucks differentiates itself from its competitors by offering expert technical services. Our workshop can perform the annual Dutch vehicle safety inspections (Algemene Periodieke Keuringen or APK) for you and install and repair tachographs. We are also certified to repair and top up air-conditioning systems and cooling units. We also offer vehicle stacking as a way of transporting multiple vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively. This involves placing multiple vehicles on another vehicle. Obviously, this must be done safely and it places high demands on both personnel and equipment. We have the expertise and heavy lifting equipment required to do this.

Registration plates and transfers of ownership are matters that we can organise very quickly. This applies to export registration plates as well. If necessary, your purchase will be inspected in our workshop prior to exportation. When you sell a Dutch vehicle to us, you receive a ‘vrijwaringsbewijs’ (certificate of indemnification). We can take all of this work off your hands. Kleyn Trucks has been granted the required accreditation for this by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW). This government body sets stringent standards for companies in the vehicle sector with regard to performance of certain activities.  Our RDW accreditation also includes performance of the annual Dutch vehicle safety inspections (Algemene Periodieke Keuring or APK) and installation of tachographs.

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