Бързо през митниците с AEO

As of 14th of June 2012, Kleyn Vans has the AEO-status (Authorized Economic Operator). This qualification confirms again that Kleyn Group is a safe international logistics partner for customs and other organizations.

Earlier this year Kleyn Trucks was awarded with the combined certificate Customs Simplification and Safety. The European Union classifies AEO qualified companies as safe and reliable. As International trading companies Kleyn Trucks and Kleyn Vans now offer the advantage for their buyers of an even more efficient delivery of used commercial vehicles. It is of the utmost importance for our customers dat purchased vehicles reach their end destination as fast as possible. The Kleyn Group is therefore very pleased with reaching the AEO status.

What does this mean for you as a cliënt? Well if you arrange the transport, shipping and import at Kleyn. You will get certain benefits from it. The facilities customs offer to certified companies, like Kleyn are:

  • Less administrative and physical checks which considerably shortens the handling time through Customs,
  • Announcement beforehand and priority in case of checks,
  • Acknowledgement of AEO safety certification by other countries (outside the European Union).

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