What are Sliding curtains?

Sometimes, heavy commercial vehicles have bodies whose sides need to be constantly closed and opened. Having a sliding curtain helps in such cases. 

The body of such trucks comprises a flat bed, a headboard made of either wood or metal, and a wall at the rear end. The rear wall comes with two doors and usually, two uprights on the side. The sliding curtain, which is on the side, is fixed to a top rail with the help of runners, and is partly rolled up. It can be fastened at the bottom with the help of buckles, with each buckle being placed at an interval of about 30 cm. Unbuckling one side takes close to five minutes - time that can be reduced if a curtain slider is used. A curtain slider, therefore, helps make the closing and opening of the curtain an easier and faster process. 

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Curtain sliders at Kleyn Trucks

We offer used curtain sliders that can be used instead of the conventional tarpaulin-top frame. However, despite the fact that these are previously used sliders, the quality offered is uncompromised. Buyers have the option of inspecting them before they proceed to buy from us.
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