Semi-trailers for easy transportation

Trailers, as we all know, are unpowered vehicles designed to aid in the transportation of large loads. If they are unpowered, how do they move? Well, powered vehicles like trucks tow trailers. A semi-trailer is a type of a trailer, without any front axle.

How does it work?

A semi-trailer is coupled to a movable truck unit that helps in its (semi-trailer) movement. Interestingly, a semi-trailer is more popular than a full-trailer. Why? It is because a semi-trailer is a lot easier to couple and uncouple when compared to a full-trailer.  

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What is a semi-trailer?

A semi-trailer is a trailer that has no front axle, so a large proportion of the mass is supported by the prime mover (the tractor unit). The semi-trailer is attached to the tractor unit by sliding its kingpin into the fifth wheel coupling on the tractor unit. The complete unit is referred to as a tractor-trailer combination. To keep loading and unloading times to a minimum, several semi-trailers can be used with a single tractor unit so that the driver and the tractor unit are not made to wait.

Semi-Trailers for different purposes

Tarpaulin-top semi-trailers are used as general-purpose trailers. This design keeps the load clean and dry. Semi-trailers for container transport are fitted with one or more platforms on which containers can be secured in place. A low-loader is used to transport high objects. A silo is a storage facility for tippable or bulk goods in the form of powder or granular products like grain, coal, cement, cattle feed, sand, gravel and fertiliser. A semi-trailer with a Walking Floor is the ideal solution for loading and unloading heavy objects. Semi-trailers that can be towed by drivers with a car and heavy trailer licence (rather than a truck driving licence) are available in capacity classes and lengths that far exceed those of normal trailers. Lengths of up to 12 metres and a gross weight of approximately 10,000 kg are possible. This makes this type of trailer an ideal solution for many companies.

Why Us?

If you are looking to buy a used semi-trailer, you have come to the right destination. Yes, we say the right destination because we have the longest history of being in the business for the last 90 years. Of the various semi trailer truck brands that we offer, a few are Nooteboom, Schmitz, Goldhofer and Krone among others.

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