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Are you looking to buy a used truck, but are worried that it might not be as robust and durable as a new one? If yes, then your search and worry end here. Scania trucks have all the features that you could wish for in a used truck.  

A brief overview of Scania

Incepted in 1891, Scania is a Swedish manufacturer and seller of commercial trucks. These trucks are developed with a gross vehicle weight of above 16 tones. Designed especially for the distribution of goods, long distance haulage and other commercial purposes, these trucks offer a variety of choices for you to buy from as per your requirement. Also, the make and engine of these trucks are built to provide you, the driver, with a smooth driving experience.

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A class apart

These trucks & tractors come with a plethora of benefits for the driver. A long life cycle and most of the components being fit for recycling are two praiseworthy and conspicuous ones.
Let’s take a situation where you are out driving in a different country and suddenly your truck breaks down. You would, instinctively, panic. But when it’s a Scania truck, there is no reason to fret. The presence of more than 1,500 service workshops in 90 countries across the globe ensures that any disruption in your business is kept at bay.    
It is not just the design that puts these Swedish trucks in a class of their own. The fact that they require lesser fuel helps in the economical maintenance of these vehicles. Also, these are low-emission vehicles, and so, empathy towards the environment and a conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint are goals which are easily met.
The aforementioned properties of these trucks are enough for a smart driver to purchase them. However, the most admirable and special feature of these vehicles is that their modules can be configured as per your business requirements, making Scania a brand that spells reliability.   


Model Varieties

Scania trucks come in four different models, and are categorized into the G, P, R and T series.
G-series: The G-series trucks are the best suited for long hauls and construction applications. Every G-series truck has five cabin variants – a short cabin, a day cabin, and three sleepers.
P-series: Designed for your local transportation needs, the P-series trucks come with three cabin variations – a short cabin, a day cabin, and a single-berth sleeper. These are light vehicles which make for easy navigation.
R-series: Optimized for long hauls, the R-series is available in close to 150 models. These vehicles are available as tractors.  
T-series: The T-series trucks share their properties, such as the make of their engines, with that of the R-series ones. Generally speaking, the T-series is closer to the R-series, but comes with a nose at the front of the vehicle.
To summarize, there is a model for every business need that you might have.


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Every truck is technically inspected under the supervision of the TUV. Once the test report is in, we provide you with the unedited version of the report. Select any scania model from our repertoire, and we guarantee you a long-lasting truck.
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