Wim Zijderveld | Purchasing

As a child Wim was ´spoonfed with Diesel oil` as his father worked as a workshop manager at a Mercedes truck dealership. When he became a Mercedes Truck dealer he often dealt with purchasing managers at Kleyn, and was soon invited to start at Sales with Kleyn. He was promoted to manager of the entire Sales department, and currently works  at a more relaxed pace as our Purchase Manager for Germany, Luxembourg, France and Wallonia. Wim feels Kleyn is like a child he helped raise over the 30 years he has worked here. He loves that the company is always developing, always in movement, and that its core business concerns relationships with people. A lot of his business relations have become friends for life, and he highly values the shared spirit of goodwill among his colleagues.  He is proud of the fact that all doors open when you mention the name Kleyn. ?We are bien connu?, as he says.  If you need an free estimate of a truck you wish to purchase or sell, feel free to contact Wim at Wzijderveld@kleyn.com, or add him as a connection on Linkedin. For more information about selling your used commercial vehicle(s), visit our Selling to Kleyn pages.
Languages: Dutch, English, German, French
His ride: BMW, because riding pleasure is important
Unique Quality: Straightforward and direct
Accounts: Germany, Luxembourg, France, Wallonia

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