Get a used moving floor to do the job!

A moving-floor, is an ingenious mechanical slatted floor that is capable of moving heavy loads inside the body towards the front or the rear.

What does a moving floor look like?

The moving floor is divided into three sets of narrow floor slats of which every third slat is interconnected and which can be moved separately backwards and forwards. A hydraulic drive makes it possible to move the slats of the walking floor forwards and backwards for short distances. When all the slats move at the same time, the load will travel in the direction of movement. The slats can also be retracted without moving the load by retracting just one set of slats at a time. This method retracts just one third of the slats so that the load remains stationary on the other two thirds. A moving floor is a genious system and well qualified for a lot of jobs. Please feel free to inform about your options for leasing or buying a moving floor.

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The walking floor operating process

Stap 1:
The first group of slats (these are all the first slats per three slats) are retracted. (The load does not move.)

Stap 2:
The second group of slats (these are all the second slats per three slats) are retracted. (The load does not move.)

Stap 3:
The third group of slats (these are all the third slats per three slats) are retracted. (The load does not move.)

Stap 4:
All the slats are moved at the same time. The load moves to the loading or unloading side.
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