What are trailers?

When a commercial truck is unable to accommodate the goods it needs be tow, a trailer helps in serving the purpose. Coupled to a truck, a trailer helps in accommodating hauling larger and heavier goods. A trailer can be coupled to different types of trucks, from box body trucks to tractors.  

Used trailers at Kleyn Trucks

We offer a wide stock of used trailers of different brands such as Van Hool, Schmitz Cargobull, Burg, HRD and Renders. The different kinds of used trailers that are put up for sale at Kleyn Tucks include XL trailers, flatbeds, cargo trailers and curtain siders to name a few. Opt for a trailer that suits your requirement, be it towing a car or hauling livestock or lugging other commercial goods.

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Lease, rent or buy a new or used trailer.

When you need a trailer, you are usually looking for the best economical option. You can buy a new trailer but this will be rather expensive. You can rent a trailer but this will only be cost-effective for a short period. So buying or leasing a new or used trailer is considered a good economical option. Now the next challenge is to:

  • Find a trailer that suits your needs,
  • Find a trailer that’s in a good technical state,
  • Find a trailer that’s not expensive,
  • Find a dealer that easily transports the trailer to you, if needed.

Such a trailer can be found here! Every used trailer in our stock has had a full technical inspection. Next to that we offer good and sharp prices or deals on our trailers. Search our trailers in stock to find the best offers, now!

Our stock containing all types of trailers and trailer manufacturers

Whatever trailer brand or price you are looking for to buy or lease, we have it in stock. Check our catalog and select the pricing or trailer brands you are searching for. We guarantee you will find good priced trailers!
Our trailer stock consists of the following brands:
  • Lohr vehicle transporter
  • Chereau trailers
  • Burg trailers
  • Wielton curtainsiders
  • Krone curtainsiders
  • Pacton curtainsiders

Pay attention to the different drawbar coupling brands!

The drawbar coupling is a commonly used coupling system for trucks. The guide funnel for coupling up an extra trailer is mounted on the rearmost cross-member of the chassis. This drawbar coupling can be armed so that it engages with the drawbar on the extra trailer. After engagement, the pin passes through the eye of the drawbar and locks everything in place. Drawbar couplings are often referred to by a brand name, for example, a Rockinger, Jost or VBG coupling as opposed to the term drawbar coupling.

semi-trailer, trailer, frailer for sale, used semi-trailer, used curtainsider, bleu curtainsiderSemi-trailers for sale as well

A semi-trailer is another method used to add a trailer to a truck. A fifth wheel coupling is used in this case. Obviously, using semi-trailers or trailers creates a large amount of load space. However there are limitations on the coupled length. In the EU, the total maximum length may not exceed 18.75 meters but there are many exceptions to this rule. For example, Eco-combis or LHVs (longer and heavier vehicles) may be used on the roads in many EU countries.

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