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It’s not as if truck manufacturers don’t think of smart ideas. The fact that they use a cover to form a closed truck body proves their ingenuity in coming up with such ideas. Tarpaulin covers that are waterproof, flexible and sturdy in nature are commonly used to serve as closed truck bodies. The question, though, is how they convert a tarpaulin cover into a closed body.

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Here’s how it’s done

There is, if not elaborate, an arrangement that is made on the open bed of the trailer truck body to help stretch the tarpaulin sheet and construct the body of the truck. 

The flat bed of the truck body is first provided with nearly 50 cm-high pivoting boards. To further support the tarpaulin cover, a metal framework is mounted on the bed. This framework is made up of metal posts. In automobile jargon, metal posts are often referred to as ‘uprights.’

Once the setup is ready, carriers are mounted on top of these posts. The tarpaulin is then pulled up onto the roof, while the metal frame is pulled down.

If a crane is used to load the trailer truck, loading takes place from the top and the tarpaulin cover is pulled forward to fold it upwards. In the process, the metal framework is dismantled till that point of the arrangement.

Used tarpaulin covers at Kleyn

We offer several box-body trucks that use a tarpaulin cover. DAF LF 45.180, Renault Magnum and Renault Midlum are a few trucks in this category. Others that use tarpaulin covers are MAN, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz and Scania. The one brand that is a popular manufacturer of tarpaulin-top bodies is Schmitz. 
At Kleyn, we sell used tarpaulin covers only after thoroughly inspecting them. The unedited inspection reports are readily available for an interested buyer to view. The price is rightfully
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