How do you transport heavy loads for commercial purposes, especially tanks? Of course, there are powered truck units for the purpose. But more often than not, these truck units find the weight of the tanks too heavy for a smooth lug. In such cases, a truck trailer is deployed to help haul a tank with relative ease. This truck trailer set up is called a Tank Trailer.  

What is a tank trailer?

In the simplest language, a tank trailer setup is a combination of a heavy tractor and a trailer designed especially for the purpose of hauling a tank.

Why is a trailer needed?

A trailer is usually an unpowered vehicle. To equip it with the capacity to carry the weight of a tank, the trailer is towed by a tractor unit, a powered vehicle. The tractor unit-trailer setup is connected by the means of a drawbar, a clamping device between a hauling vehicle and its hauled load.

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What is a trailer design like?

A simple trailer designed for carrying light loads has two axles. For heavier loads, the trailer should possess more than two axles. For every axle, a trailer usually has four wheels. The number of wheels, at times, may go up to eight. 

Trailer Tanks at Kleyn Trucks

At Kleyn Trucks, we offer fuel, chemical and food tank semi-trailers of several brands.
A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. It is equipped with legs that are called landing gears. These gears support the semi-trailer when it is uncoupled from the truck unit. Semi-trailers are more flexible than full trailers. Owing to their flexibility, tanks on semi-trailers can be easily coupled with a tractor unit.  
Currently, Kleyn Trucks houses 16 tank trailers of high-end brands- Asko, Vocol, Magyar, Burg and Kromhout being some of them.

Why buy from Kleyn?

Buying a new tank trailer is a highly expensive affair. However, Kleyn Trucks help you own one for an affordable sum. While we offer previously used tanker trailers for sale, we ensure that they are thoroughly inspected under the supervision of TUV. This is followed by the inspection report being made available to an interested buyer.

We also allow you to check out the specifications and condition of the entire range of tank trailers we house before you decide on buying one.       

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