Special trucks and unique vehicles

There are regular trucks that are used for hauling livestock and transporting vehicles, and then there are special trucks that are meant for special purposes.

So what are special trucks?

The maker of these trucks is slightly different from the usual ones. Typically, these special vehicles come with extra-long combinations. They are also heavier, often more than 50 tonnes. If the combination has a semi-trailer, it (the semi-trailer) comes with more than five axles. Suffice to say that such trucks are unique – both in terms of their features as well as their commercial uses.


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DAF 1300 Turbo

Among the various special trucks that we at Kleyn Trucks offer, the DAF 1300 Turbo that comes with an automatic gearbox holds pride of place. From the brand Metz, this truck has a small cabin with air-suspended chassis, and an 18-meter long crane which can haul weights up to 90 kilograms. Need more info? Give us a call!


Special trucks at Kleyn Trucks

If you are looking to purchase a used special truck or a used unique vehicle, Kleyn Trucks is ‘the’ destination to buy from. We offer sturdy special trucks / vehicles at competitive prices, putting them up for sale only after inspecting them for compliance with TUV stipulations. Buyers can, therefore, rest assured that they get optimal value for their money. We also help source your specific requirement in case we do not have the same in our stock – thanks to our global trade network.

Some of the brands we house in the special trucks category include Goldhofer, Noteboom and Van Hool.
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