Second hand scissor-lift

One has to paint the outer walls of a building comprising 12 floors. Reaching the first few floors, say first two, may not pose one a great difficulty, however, trying to access the areas above that definitely requires a special arrangement. And that special arrangement is a scissor-lift, also called a cherry picker.

So, what is a scissor-lift?

A scissor-lift or scissor-lift platform is used to have an access to great heights. It has a platform with a scissor like support that helps to raise a person to a desired height. The platform is raised either pneumatically or mechanically. The base of the lift comes with wheels or tracks.   

True that the primary reason of manufacturing a scissor-lift is to reach the unreachable areas, however, the arrangement is also used to bridge smaller heights.

Interestingly, there are trucks that are equipped with scissor-lifts. These trucks are used when travelling long distances.

Scissor-lift trucks at Kleyn Trucks

We offer a variety of used scissor-lift trucks, picked from some reliable brands. The condition of the truck and the scissor-lift are both inspected before we put them up for sale. Additionally, if one is unable to find a scissor-lift truck type/brand in the Kleyn stock, we source it from our world-wide network.
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