Recovery vehicles to help move stuck transports

You are out on the road, driving merrily and suddenly your car breaks down. True that it dampens your spirits, but what upsets you most is how to drag the car home or to some garage. Of course, you have to drag yourself home too, but remember you are a self-movable body while your car is not, anymore. This is exactly when a ‘recovery vehicle’ comes into use.

In plain English, a recovery vehicle helps tow other vehicles that can’t run on themselves, due to some technical failure. These vehicles are classified in three separate categories. They are:

Crane Truck:

As the name suggests, a crane truck consists of two parts – truck and crane. The crane is mounted on the truck. The crane that is mounted is an extendable carne boom with a hook. The hook serves the purpose of lifting the vehicle that needs recovery. The upper part of the crane boom is movable. So when this arrangement is in action, the upper part moves to halt at the top of the vehicle to be lifted and the hook attaches itself to the vehicle.

Spectacle Lift Recovery Vehicle Truck:

This one uses a hydraulically-powered set of forks to lift the vehicle that requires to be recovered. In this set of arrangement, the vehicle is either lifted from the rear end or front end. The name uses the word ‘spectacle’ because the forks are spectacle-shaped.

Drive-on Truck:

A drive-on truck uses a crane to lift the vehicles that need to be moved. These trucks consist of a bed on which the vehicle is dumped. Furthermore, the bed can be slid off with the help of a hydraulic drive.
While these are the main categories in which recovery trucks are categorized, interestingly, at times, combinations of the aforementioned types are also used.
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