Open bed with boards and flat bed

What is an open bed truck?

A truck with an open dumping bed is called an open bed truck. Goods can be dumped directly on the truck bed without any covering over the cargo being transported.


Why do you need an open bed truck?

An open bed truck is a preferred option to transport goods as it allows quick loading and unloading. Often, the open bed area has boards to prevent the load from shifting. However, if the load occupies a large part of the dumping bed, it is advisable to go for an open flat bed truck.


What sort of loads can an open bed truck transport?  

The ideal use of an open bed truck is to transport heavy machines and tools.

Why buy an open bed truck from Kleyn Trucks?

Kleyn Trucks offers used open bed trucks for sale; however, despite them being previously owned, we ensure there is no compromise on the quality of these trucks. Every open bed truck, with boards or a flat bed, is inspected as per TUV stipulations. You are allowed access to the unedited inspection report before you buy the truck from us. You as the buyer are also benefited by the fact that the inspection report, based on the truck’s present condition, influences its purchase price. So you can rest assured that you are not paying more than what is rightful.
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