Livestock transportation

As a farm owner, if you are to transport livestock for grazing or breeding or auctioning, how would you do it? The obvious answer would be to use a heavy truck to do so.

However, while the decision to transport the animals using a truck is correct, it is imperative that you use the right kind of truck for hauling animals. Why is that? Here’s why:

If livestock is transported in poorly ventilated vehicles, the chances of adverse effects on the health of the animals increase manifold. It is, therefore, essential that a careful and special approach is adopted while transporting livestock.

However, not every heavy truck is meant for livestock transportation. What you need is a specially designed truck and trailer for the purpose and Kleyn Trucks offers you just this - horse trailers for transporting horses, and well-ventilated trucks for other animals such as pigs and chickens.   

Horse Livestock Trailers

A horse trailer, also called a horse van, is designed specifically for transporting horses. Some of these are designed to hold only two to three horses, while others can hold up to eight. When transporting a horse, the animal is loaded on to the trailer and lugged by a truck.  

Why to buy Livestock Transportation Trucks at Kleyn Trucks?

While Kleyn Trucks sells a variety of previously used trucks fitted for hauling different animals, it ensures the vehicles it selects offer maximum animal safety. Every truck is inspected in keeping with TUV stipulations, and the report is made available to the customer for reading. The livestock trucks that we offer are reasonably priced and entirely suited for providing adequate comfort to animals.  

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