The right used Scania R 124.400 for your transport.

The Scania R series, the Scania R 124400 in particular, are very well known on the road. Is it because this series of the Scania R 124400 was the truck of the year 2010? It could be, but mostly it is because the Scania R 124400 is a reliable and very comfortable commercial vehicle. Any Scania truck, the Scania R 124400 is no exception, is known for putting the driver first. Therefore it is no wonder that also the used Scania R 124400’s are tractors drivers are looking for often. To benefit from all the quality Scania can offer, you do not need to buy a brand new Scania R 124400.

Is the Scania R 124400 the truck you are looking for? Are you looking at a Scania dealer for a good used Scania R 124400? Check out the many great occasions that Kleyn Trucks can offer you. With us you will find the Scania R 124400 that fits you and your business. Kleyn is trades used trucks and other commercial vehicles from any brand. Therefore we need to guarantee the quality of each used Scania R 124.400 and any other truck we put on offer. We invented a transparent way to share the technical information with you about the Scania R 124400 that you are interested in, our inspection report. This document is available freely and you can check it online for any Scania R 124400 that you might find interesting. To ensure you the transparency of the information, our report on the Scania R 124400 and all our other reports is under supervision of the German TÜV.

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Clarity about the technical state of your used Scania R 124400.

How can this report help you to pick the right Scania R 124400 for you? First of all, online you can check the pictures of the very many used trucks we offer. Among those there are plenty of fine Scania R 124400 occasions. Just look at the pictures. Do you like a certain Scania R 124400? Just open the inspection report on that Scania R 124400 and you can read all the technical information on the specific Scania R 124400.
This way you do not encounter any unpleasant surprises and you minimize the chance to travel to the Scania R 124400 only to find out that this used truck is not exactly the tractor you are looking for.

Are you planning to buy a used Scania R 124400, or do you want to lease it?

Did you already consider leasing the Scania R 124400 you are looking for? Whether you are an independent driver, or the one responsible for buying the trucks in your company,  acquiring a Scania R 124400 is a big investment. Also when the Scania R 124400 you are buying is an occasion! Leasing the Scania R 124400 you would like to drive, could possibly save you money. Do you need advice on leasing? Or do you want our expert to calculate with you how you could drive the Scania R 124400 the smartest way possible? Just let us know, we are happy to assist you.
Why would you buy from us?
Always a sharp price!
Fast changing, big stock!
Always sure about the quality!
Always a technical report!
Professional technical service.
Guidance at import and transport.
License plates quickly arranged.
Trading expertise you can trust!

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Advantages of leasing a vehicle
Tax depreciation
Determine the duration yourself
Low interest rate
Investment deduction
No claim on your liquidity
Even lower lease amount possible due to final term deposit or vehicle trade in.

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