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logo mack, Mack trucks, Mack Trucks, Mack logo, used MackWhen you are looking for a used Mack truck you will probably be looking at Mack’s that are for sale in the USA.  Logical because Mack is the most popular heavyweight off-road truck from class 8 to class 13. Old or new models, a used Mack truck is indeed a beautiful truck to see!  But before you are going to buy a used Mack, keep in mind why you are buying it and what the truck needs to have in order to perform correctly.

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Why not buying a used Mack truck?

Are you looking for a truck because you are working in construction, mining or agriculture and you need the truck to do heavy duty work? Then you rather look for a truck brand or type that can do the job. Mack trucks are not bad, but not great either. 

A second thing you need to question yourself is: Am I going to drive long distances, through open fields, in rugged terrain or urban areas? If your answer to any of those options is “yes”, you better look for a more suitable truck than a Mack. Macks tend to have long cabins. This makes them less maneuverable in traffic. Most cases they have unsynchronized manual transmissions as well. These transmissions are hard to handle, especially in crowded areas.

Good alternative brands are Renault, Mercedes Benz or a MAN.  Do you want to know what type of truck is best for your business? Ask our sales department! They are happy to help!

Customized Mack trucks

Mack trucks originally are light build and have a very basic construction.  Many American Truckers don’t like them that way so it often happens that they modify the truck. Modified trucks are better than the standard Macks because you’ve got the best mix of different brands. But it is not so good when  you need to do some repairing and you can’t find that one special part that you need to fix!  Go for a second hand Renault truck or a second hand Mercedes Benz truck and be sure that if you need to fix something the parts are easy to get!

Do you still want to buy a Mack? No problem!

Many times we notice that people are looking for a Mack truck and they only want to buy Mack. Just because they look great or they have heard about the brand. What you probably did not know is that Renault trucks is using the 12l Mack motor in the older models of the Renault Magnum.  See our selection and offers on used  Renault premiums. We have customized trucks in stock that have similar techniques or even better motors than Macks. Just give a call or send an e-mail and we will send you all the information you need.
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