What Goldhofer are you looking for?

Goldhofer is a German specialist when it comes to heavy duty and special transports. Not only as a pioneer in technical solutions is Goldhofer well known when it comes to aircraft tractors, aircraft recovery, or even space ship trailers. Goldhofer made its name in the manufacturing of heavy duty trailers, semitrailers, and modular trailers for various purposes. If you need a special vehicle, for heavy or special transport, you will find the right Goldhofer to do the job.

Are you searching to find a used Goldhofer? You probably know exactly what kind of Goldhofer you need. It could be one of the heavy duty trailers, a flatbed trailer, or maybe a specific trailer for your special transport. Of course your search for the right second hand Goldhofer will not be easy. But Kleyn Trucks can be of assistance. First of all, we often have used Goldhofers on offer. Is the Goldhofer you need not available with u at the moment? No problem, we will search with you until we found the right Goldhofer for your transport.

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Goldhofer trailers come in so many shapes and sizes.

Because Goldhofer manufactures so many different trailers, it is important that you know what kind of Goldhofer would be perfect for your job. Do you need a trailer, a semitrailer or would only be a Goldhofer modular trailer do the job for you? Are you planning to transport construction machines or agricultural equipment with your Goldhofer? Is your Goldhofer meant for general transport? Do you need a very special Goldhofer? The differences in the Goldhofer trailers are enormous. And the accessories almost make every truck and trailer unique. In case you need help with deciding what would be the best Goldhofer trailer for the transport you are planning, our professionals can be of assistance and will be very happy to help you.

Financing the Goldhofer that you are looking for.

Buying a Goldhofer is spending a great amount of money. Of course you could bring the costs down a bit by settling for a Goldhofer that is not new anymore. Still, the buy of this piece of machinery is a big decision. Do you need the Goldhofer only temporarily? Leasing the machine could be a financial smart solution to safe money! If you need help finding the smartest way to use the Goldhofer that you are looking for, contact our experts to calculate the different options with you.
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