Used trucks for sale at Kleyn

When you are buying used European trucks from Kleyn you know exactly what you are buying.

Kleyn has traded in used European trucks since 1919. It takes an innovative and proactive company to being consistently successful for so long.

Used Scania trucks for sale in Europe

At Kleyn trucks we pride ourselves on our versatility, our range includes both new and older European trucks including many used Scania trucks, including used Scania R620 trucks, used tipper trucks and used Scania 143 trucks. You need to be able to rely 100% on your most important tool, that why at Kleyn we offer ‘accredited quality’. All our used trucks are subjected to an inspection under the supervision of TÜV. The test reports are made available to our customers in unedited form.

Used DAF trucks for sale in Europe

Besides our range of used Scania trucks, Kleyn offers various models of used DAF trucks, including those in the CF, LF and XF lines to suit your taste and all your needs. you might for example be looking for a semi-truck in which case a used DAF truck from the XF range might be something for you. Or if you are looking for a somewhat more compact truck for deliveries in cities a used DAF LF might be worth looking into. Kleyn Trucks is the expert when it comes to used commercial trucks. We have all brands and have new offers every day for you to choose your used European truck. Ask our advisers about the latest stock and offers to get the best deal!

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