The Renault Midlum is special developed for short rides

The Renault Midlum is a really wonderful truck with people that drives a lot in busy regions. The Renault Midlum is specially designed for truckers in huge cities with limited space.

The Renault Midlum is comfortable and can easily reach the cabin

The Renault Midlum is special developed for distribution in the city. This means relative short rides, frequently entry and exit to loading and unloading fast and efficient. For example, the Renault Midlum 270 are used by many truckers that drive a lot of times in busy cities. Renault developed a ConceptAcces, which consist of doors that can be opened up to 90 degrees. This Renault Midlum ConceptAcces contains also the illuminated anti-slip entry steps and an adjustable seat and a handlebar that can be pneumatically retracted in a Renault Midlum 220.12. The professionals at Kleyn Trucks can tell you all the advantages of this Renault Midlum. They can also help you to understand the differences between for example the Renault Midlum 180 and Renault Midlum 270. Our sales team can answer any questions you might have in the method to find the Renault Midlum truck you are looking for.

The parts and the service points are promptly available

The used Renault Midlum 220.12 is very reliable on the road. This Renault Midlum is also recognised for its good return on investment. The Renault Midlum complications are uncommon and when the truck breaks down, most of the time, the vehicle is fast and easily fixed. This means that both the parts as the service points are promptly available. This ensures that Renault Midlum drivers are rapidly back on the way. This makes the Renault Midlum a very popular truck. Look for the actual stock, to see what Kleyn Trucks you can offer. All the Renault Midlum we have in stock, comes with a complete rapport about the condition and history of the truck. Al this reports are TUV-checked, what means that the information we provide, is sure and reliable. Are you looking for a Renault Midlum, but do find it difficult to make a choice? Our staff is willing to give you the advice you need. 

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