Why not buying a used Mack truck?

If you are looking for a used Mack truck you will probably look for Macks that are for sale in America. Logical because Mack is one of the most popular heavyweight off-road trucks that are originally produced there. Floor's Trade and Industry e.g. Hilversum has been an importer of Mack Trucks for Europe for many years. Nevertheless, there are few Mack trucks on our roads to spot.

Old or new models, a used Mack truck is indeed a nice truck to see! But before you want to buy a second hand Mack, we advise you to check carefully why you want to buy this truck.

Do you want to purchase a Mack car because it has status? Do you want to purchase a used Mack because you have to make long distances? Do you want to buy a Mack truck because you want a spacious cabin? Sparrow with one of our employees about the purchase of a Mack. Perhaps you can then make a well-considered choice and we have a nice Mack truck offer for you.

Why would you buy another brand of truck than a Mack?

Ask yourself the following things:

  • Am I looking for a truck to do heavy work such as in agriculture or mining? Then you can better look for a brand or type of truck that can actually handle this work. Mack trucks are not bad, but also not great.
  • Am I going to make long distances, drive through open fields, or do I often travel on rough terrain or in urban areas? If your answer to one of these options is "yes", you can better look for a good alternative and more suitable truck. Macks often have very long cabins. This makes the truck less agile in traffic. Good alternative truck brands are Renault, Mercedes Benz or MAN trucks.
  • I want to buy a truck with a body that can do quite a bit. Mack trucks are lightly built and have a very simple construction. So in that case you can better advice on an alternative brand.

Do you want to know what kind of brand, type or model truck is best for your company or do you just want to buy a nice used Mack? Ask our sales staff or service staff for free and free advice! They will gladly help you.

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